Stop overpaying for oil & gas assets!

Learn to navigate the data room like a boss.

The Stakes are High

The stakes are high, and the table is set for an active Acquisition and Divestiture season in the Oil and Gas industry. Unfortunately, many sophisticated buyers will overpay for these assets because they have one or more blind spots that prevent them from making a truly informed decision.

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Bid with Confidence

Thankfully, Haas Engineering has shared their simple 3-part recipe to arrive at a confident bid that’s grounded in sound engineering. In this guide we will walk through the biggest drivers in value and present a workflow for arriving at your final bids.

Download "The Confident Bid Recipe" 
Haas Engineering’s Guide for Oil & Gas Acquisitions. 

About Us

Haas Engineering is a boutique reservoir engineering firm that has provided expert 3rd party evaluations of reserves since 1980. We provide transparent solutions with technical integrity, so you can make confident, data driven decisions with your capital. Our purpose is to prevent the industry from getting hoodwinked by crappy engineering!